Do you remember a time when life felt completely overwhelming, like you could do absolutely nothing to change the whirlwind around you? Imagine that knot in your stomach, the feeling of panic inside as you tried desperately to reach for some sense of normal …


That’s exactly how Sadie* felt every day as a child. She was overwhelmed with grief when she lost her mom at a very young age. Her father, who had long ago abandoned their family, never returned. After her mother’s death, Sadie’s grandmother cared for her and her siblings. But it wasn’t long before she realized she didn’t have the resources to take care of that many children. Being the oldest and most likely to survive on her own, Sadie would have to go.

At this point, Sadie faced a terrifying possibility. Many children in her situation would be sent to live with another family where they would effectively become a child slave, or restavek, as it is quietly termed in Creole. Sixteen hour work days. Little food. Abuse. Hopelessness.

By God’s miraculous hand, LSM learned of Sadie’s situation and brought her into a Home of Hope instead. 

Coming into a Home of Hope wasn’t an overnight fix. Sadie had suffered so much loss and rejection that it was hard to receive all that was being offered to her! But as she continuously sees the love that her family and LSM staff are investing in her, things are changing. Her dreams are growing, and she is becoming a mentor and leader for her sisters. Today, Sadie says:



“I want to help Haiti move forward. I want the best for my family and my country. I want to get a college degree and help people who have felt overwhelmed and hopeless like I was.”

We couldn’t be more excited to see how far Sadie goes in life. With incredible resources at her fingertips each and every day, the sky’s the limit. Fear no longer overwhelms her. Loneliness does not paralyze her. Instead, the love and support of her family and community propel her to reach her dreams. Not just for herself, but so that Sadie can become a leader in her community where she will ultimately help transform her culture for Christ.


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