Beyond Rescue 2018

Year in Review

2018 was an incredible year for Loving Shepherd Ministries! It was filled with successes and great strides forward in long-term, holistic care for the hundreds of vulnerable children and thousands of adoptive families we serve. Thank you for your prayers, advocacy and financial partnership!


You can make a difference.

Throughout 16 years of ministry, God continues to strengthen a powerful vision within LSM to help the world’s most vulnerable children reach their full, God-given potential. Together, we are raising vulnerable children like Hannah and Teshi (see their stories below) up from places of despair to great hope. Day by day, child by child, you are helping to redeem an entire generation. Through each season, we are amazed at how God has worked in the lives of these precious children and produced fruit we couldn’t have imagined.


2018 has been a monumental year for LSM. We started three new businesses in Haiti, completed large construction projects in three locations, and are further enhancing our life-changing, holistic programs of care for children who need it most.


20 Home of Hope families and over 200 Haitian staff are investing their lives into transforming Haiti for Christ! And we are seeing the fruit of these efforts in children like Hannah.


In Ethiopia, the impact of LSM’s small business development for single mothers is having clear results. Once poor and struggling mothers are now bringing stability to their families, and once vulnerable children are learning, growing, and thriving!


In the U.S. we are experiencing new ways to engage the church by educating the hands and feet of Christ about the great needs of the vulnerable. Your partnership means more now than ever, as our calling to serve severely at-risk children continues to grow.

Will you prayerfully consider making a generous gift this Christmas season to help children like Hannah and Teshi reach their God-given potential?

Generous donors have provided a matching grant for your gift.


The time has never been more important to multiply your impact in the lives of vulnerable children!


We hope you’ll consider doubling your efforts with us as we step into the new year. May you be richly blessed for your impact in the Kingdom.



“When I was little, my mom and dad died. I was sent to live with my aunt. Not long after going there, she started making me dance in really scary voodoo ceremonies. I was so small and couldn’t say no. I know now that my aunt was grooming me to be a witch doctor.

By God’s miracles, I didn’t have to stay there. In 2009, God rescued me and I came to my new Home of Hope family!

I was baptized a couple of years ago and am a youth leader in our church. This summer, I was also able to intern at LSM’s Grocery Store. It was fun to learn how to welcome people and manage stocking shelves. I learned a lot about how the business runs, and it was great to have this experience! And in two years, I will be graduating from high school.

I would like to study psychology in college and help people who suffer mentally. I hope I can influence my culture and free children who are trapped in despair like I was. People like you have been the hands and feet of Christ to me… and it has changed my life. I thank God for this gift of hope and the opportunities to do great things.”

1. Aberash-8


Sometimes we would have food, other times we would have nothing. I couldn’t go to school. My two little sisters were always crying. It was very hard.

Now our family is with LSM and everything has changed. Mom is learning how to manage a budget and start her own business. I help her sometimes by taking care of my sisters when she is selling vegetables at the market. I also help her take care of our chickens. I like being able to help my mom. She seems happier now. We have full tummies and I started going to school! My little sister even started kindergarten this year!

I love learning. This summer, I even got to take summer classes with LSM’s staff. We had VBS and I’m learning more about Jesus. I pray to him and thank Him for helping us. When my dad died, I thought our future died too. But thanks to God, He heard our cry for help and sent people like you into our lives to rescue us.

We hope you’ll join us in continuing to change the lives of vulnerable children into 2019.

For a gift of any amount, you will receive a receipt in the mail from LSM showing that your gift is tax deductible. Thank you for your part in this Kingdom work!