It’s refreshing—and so fitting—that Easter helps usher in the newness and beauty of spring.


Sometimes we need that fresh start so desperately. As a foster parent who’s struggling with a child who’s never had a consistent home. As an aid worker who has seen one too many children die of preventable diseases. As a mother who’s spent too many months indoors and feels purposeless as she changes yet another diaper. As a church ministry leader who feels like people just don’t care enough to invest.


We give from the depths of our hearts because it’s close to the heart of Jesus.


We need to be reminded sometimes that we are not caring for the vulnerable because it’s easy. Just as we were adopted into God’s family, we are called to give that same love and acceptance to others.


It costs us—just as it cost our Savior as he laid down his life for us.


May this Easter be a time of reflection and refreshment for your soul, dear worker in the Kingdom. We know it’s hard. And we know that sometimes we need to remind each other of why we are in the trenches for God’s most vulnerable children.


Incredible events for your fresh start or encouragement on your journey:


CAFO Summit


CAFO brings together over 100 ministries working in orphan care around the world. We are especially excited about this year’s theme: “JUSTICE AND THE INNER LIFE.” Come and be encouraged in your personal ministry. Find partners who can give you resources. And get more involved.

Email for a FREE $20 DISCOUNT. We’d love to share the weekend with you!



Seeds of Hope is a chance to join with the important women in your life and be inspired by stories of single mothers and their children who are finding hope. You’ll even have a chance to go deeper and do some fair trade shopping, as well as invest as an ongoing sponsor for vulnerable families in Ethiopia.


For more info, to sponsor a table, or to purchase your tickets, click here: