By Jen Schwartz, Adoption Resources Coordinator


This is National Adoption Month, a chance for us to celebrate everyone touched by adoption! God can orchestrate a beautiful story for so many children with past hardships and little hope through the love of a permanent family.




If you are currently in the adoption process, fostering a child, or a supporter of adoption, we want to shout out an encouragement to you in the journey! It is our prayer that this month would bring many encouraging encounters, great conversations and help spread awareness about the powerful difference we can make in the lives of our children. Below, we’ve listed out a few ways for you to make this month of awareness count.


If you are an adoptive parent or foster parent:

  • Organize an evening with other adoptive families to connect and share stories.
  • Prepare a traditional meal with a theme around your child’s heritage.
  • Offer to meet with other families who are considering adoption or fostering.
  • Make a family tradition this month with a special activity and create an annual celebration.


If you want to raise awareness and support adoption or foster care:

  • Have a conversation with your children about what adoption, orphan care and foster care means.
  • Send a card or encouraging gift to an adoptive family who is in the process of waiting.
  • Mentor an older child who is in the foster care system.
  • Become a Family Sponsor and allow orphaned children to be part of a family.
  • Consider sharing with your church on Orphan Sunday (November 13). Learn more here and download prayer cards.


If you are considering adoption or foster care:

  • Reach out to a family who has completed their adoption to learn more about their story.
  • Ask your church if they have an adoption or orphan care ministry and resources.
  • Research what foster care is about and discern the myths for caring for older children.
  • Allow LSM to offer free unbiased adoption resources to your family as you consider if adoption is right for you and what programs you are eligible to pursue. Start here.