Every dad wants to pass on something to her girls. Something that her little girls will remember fondly and proudly say, “I got that from my dad!”


Moise longs for that too… and no less so for the 12 girls he calls her own, not by blood, but through their Home of Hope. And so he’s intentional about passing on special skills, like how to care for their rabbits, chickens and turkeys.




Heritage Parents

But it goes further than that. Moise wants his daughters to have practical skills they can share, but he also says, “I pray every day that my girls will make progress in school and create future goals for themselves. I pray even more that they would stay close to Jesus and grow spiritually.”


It is through parenting that models hard work ethics, nurturing relationships and his own Christian walk and marriage to Marie, their Home of Hope mother, that these girls are seeing a living faith worked out.


You can be a part of Moise and Marie’s ministry and family too! This week, we are hoping to DOUBLE the current level of support for the Heritage Home!


So far, we have raised $125/month for the Heritage family. That means we still need an additional $475/month of ongoing support to reach that goal. Will you consider becoming a family sponsor today?


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