It Takes Many Hands to Make a Lasting Difference

Randy and LaNaeAs we were so happy to report in our Spring newsletter, Randy and LaNae Meyer are heading to Haiti soon where they will serve a two-year term with LSM. Randy will be in charge of a Haitian construction crew at LSM Technical Institute. LaNae will work in hospitality and keep LSM’s U.S. staff connected with stories and pictures. (You can sign up for our e-newsletters at the bottom of this screen.)


As you might expect, moving abroad is no easy task. It takes many hands. Maybe even more than you think.






Take something as seemingly simple as obtaining a truck.




Randy needed a heavy duty construction truck to haul equipment and the crew to and from the job site over challenging roads. Since vehicles like this are hard to acquire in Haiti, the truck needed to be purchased in the United States and sent down on a sea container ahead of the Meyers’ arrival.


It took a many hands to make this happen:

  • Mangold Ford in Eureka, IL, and Family Ford in Bluffton, IN, helped acquire, service and provide other equipment for the truck.




  • Premier Truck Rental in Fort Wayne, IN, helped add additional equipment to the vehicle.





  • Integrity Auto Glass in Bluffton, IN, tinted the windows.
  • Ann Gerber and Beth Aschliman from Bluffton, IN, delivered the truck from Indiana to the port in Miami, Florida.
  • Generous donors covered the costs of the vehicle and equipment.





Sometimes it can be easy to miss the power of the body of Christ working together in such tangible ways. But when we take a step back and look at one piece of the puzzle, it’s amazing to see how many hands worked together to make the plan a reality!


You can still get involved:

  • Please pray for Randy and LaNae as they leave next Wednesday for Haiti.
  • Consider how God might want to use your gifts and experience alongside LSM in service of the Kingdom.
  • Donate to the LSM Tech building projects that the Meyers will be involved in. (Be sure to select “LSM Tech/Ag Park” in the dropdown menu.)