Love is a gift. And no one understands that better than a child who experiences love after great pain and suffering. Meet a few children whose lives have been transformed by the love of a family:


Daphne*, paralyzed from the effects of HIV, experienced the love of her new mother, Louise, when she came into her Home of Hope family. Louise cared for her and loved her unconditionally—and eventually, Daphne was able to walk again!


VBS is coming!

Sam’s* parents died in the 2010 Haiit earthquake, and for months he would have night terrors as he relived the experience of watching his parents die. Now, through the love and care of his mom and dad and the LSM staff, Sam is finding healing and peace.



After living on the streets for quite some time, coming into a family where there was structure and healthy discipline was very difficult for Victor*. But with the mentorship from LSM staff and encouragement from his brothers, he is learning to thrive in the structure of a loving family and community.


This kind of redemptive love is not possible without you. Thank you for giving these children the priceless gift of love this Valentine’s Day.


Here are four more ways you can continue spreading the love:


  1. Donate to LSM in your loved one’s honor—you’ll receive a beautiful eCard that lets your spouse know that, because of them, a child is being filled with hope this year. (Make sure to check “Valentines Day” in the project drop-down menu)


  1. Give a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Ethiopian accessory to your wife, daughter or friend—empowering women and their children in Ethiopia to live renewed lives through your purchase!


  1. Buy a copy of Kids in the Kitchen cookbook—all proceeds from the cookbooks go towards helping the vulnerable children LSM serves.


  1. Use Amazon Smile and select “Loving Shepherd International Services and Foundation”—for every purchase you make through Amazon Smile after that, Amazon will donate a percentage to LSM.


*names have been changed for privacy