The LSM Auction is this Friday in Washington, IL! Items have been flooding in, and we are excited for this great night together. Will you join us Friday to help change the lives of vulnerable children? 


This event is impacting the ongoing change in the lives of boys like Gary*. He lost his parents in the 2010 earthquake and was sent far away from everything familiar to live with a distant relative. When he arrived, his aunt promptly put him to work carrying water for hours on end, barely receiving enough food and never going to school. Gary never dreamed of life changing. He never believed anything could be different.


orphan in Haiti


But something did change. Through the support of people in the U.S., a Home of Hope opened up in a village nearby and by a great miracle, he was able to become a part of the family! Today, Gary’s life looks completely different. He has a new mother and father that love him, and 11 brothers that he is learning and growing alongside. He is going to school for the first time in his life and loves math.


Gary’s story is not possible without your financial support from events just like this. His future holds incredible potential today – and we look forward to giving hope to the countless other children we can reach together!

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*name changed for privacy