A New School & It’s Ripple Effect

We have two Homes of Hope in Haiti nestled in a small, very poor community called Welsh. The needs across the country are great, but God has been opening doors for LSM to do more in this particular community. One of the projects has included the construction of a new school for our Home of Hope children. This new, bigger building will also provide the chance for kids from the community to attend school (many for the first time)!


Welsh School Plumbing Work Team (168)


The construction of the new school has also provided many jobs for Haitians in the surrounding community – giving them the stability of an income that many men never had before. And before we knew it, the ripple effect of our school project was touching the lives of men like Damaus.





For many years, Damaus didn’t have a steady job. He lived in extreme poverty.


In Haitian culture, it is important that a man reach a certain standard of living before getting married. Because of the overwhelming poverty, many men (like Damaus) can’t provide a home or stability for a family, so sometimes couples never actually get married. They simply live together hoping that someday they could afford a house and a wedding. But over the last several months as they have worked alongside LSM staff, these men have heard God’s Word on marriage.


Damaus previously lived here with his family of eight.

Damaus previously lived here with his family of eight.


With the salary he has been receiving, he was able to build a home that he is very proud of. And this past weekend, Damaus, along with five other Haitian workers from the project, got married in the new building!



The men have a sense of dignity as they near completion of the school, knowing that many children in the area will be educated for the first time. They are also proud to be able to provide for their own families.


The wedding this weekend was a beautiful picture of the many lives that are being transformed through this project – and a reminder that when we set out to care for the vulnerable, we are never quite sure how far the ripple effect will spread.