Gathering supplies and adjusting to new schedules can make a new school year rather daunting. But as you’re preparing for classes to start, take a moment and think about how incredibly blessed your family is to have the chance for your children to receive a quality education!


Consider this from Haiti, a country not so far away from here… Hundreds of thousands of children have no access to school, or have seemingly innumerable obstacles in their way, such as: What would you do if you didn’t have any money to go to school? What if there was no school near you, and you had to walk miles each day without any food in your belly? What if, when you got to the one-room school house, you found that there were no books, and you sat on a bench all day in the heat to memorize from a chalkboard?


Education may seem easy to take for granted. But for children who have known what it is like to not have that opportunity, it is a much different story. Windia, who grew up in a poor, rural community, didn’t have much of a future. She never had enough to eat, let alone the chance to go to school. Eventually, her single mother realized she could not provide for her daughter, and Windia became a part of an LSM Home of Hope family. There, everything changed. She says, “I have everything I need with my family today… and I can see a brighter future for myself now. I can go to school and learn and be better.”


Haitian school


Pursuing God’s best for the children of Haiti means providing opportunities for better education so they can become all that He intends for them! What better way to start the new school year, than by giving a gift to these children’s education too?


You can pass on the incredible gift of education today.

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