There’s some exciting new things happening around LSM. We’re thrilled for the powerful ways that God is moving. Here’s just a few:

Our entire CRP Campus is now running on solar power!

This is a really exciting (and big) venture for the entire campus to be at this point. Having solar power not only means much more consistency in electricity, but also is a much more cost effective way for us to operate in Haiti! We are so thankful for many people’s expertise on this project!



We are so excited to have some of our Ethiopian purses featured in a show next week with Creative Women of the World!

As we continue to grow the purse business in Ethiopia, we’re networking with great fair trade businesses and partners in the States as well. We’re thrilled for the great things that are coming from this already. Learn more about this special event (and join us!) here.

 Empower Her World


Fan the Flame Concert 

LSM is so thankful for the support of a concert this weekend in Illinois. We are excited for the opportunity for people to learn about LSM, be encouraged and have fun at the same time!


Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to build, share and praise God for the many vulnerable children whose lives are being changed!