We’ve got a great team in Haiti this week who’s experiencing many things, pitching in on some projects at the Ranch and visiting some of our families. These guys have been busy! But honestly, it’s more than picking up a hammer and working on some projects – as valuable as that is.

Vision Trip to Haiti



I think each one of these participants would tell you that something great happens when you pick up that tool alongside someone you don’t even speak the same language with. There’s a bond in sharing the load, in doing something that will make a difference. It’s something powerful. It’s working together.


chicken tractors


chicken tractors 2

Cow shelter


We are so thankful for the teams that bring varied expertise, excitement and a heart for learning to the table on these trips. And we hope that they leave Haiti with a bigger grasp on what lasting change can look like as we partner together. For us, it’s more than taking people on a week’s trip to another country. It’s a time we hope each person is able to see and soak in and listen… because those are the times the Spirit starts working in us in far greater ways. And those kinds of movements last far beyond a week with a hammer.