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What Can A Garage Sale Do?

Does your garage look like mine right now? If so, then a good Spring cleaning is definitely in order. But what if that Spring cleaning and subsequent garage sale to get rid of the extra stuff lying around had a greater purpose? What if it could impact the lives of orphaned and at-risk kids around the world? Well this year, it can!

This Spring, we’d love for you to join us by hosting your own Garage Sale! By deciding to host an LSM Garage Sale, you can effectively help us care for vulnerable children and raise awareness about LSM in your community. And we’re making it really easy for you to pull it off…

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Published April 8, 2014 – Categories: Caring for Orphans, Family, News

Psalm 100 & a message of Home

Psalm 100 will be in Central Illinois on Mother’s Day weekend and we’d love to see you therefor a great evening with your family! Along with music and an evening of worship, you’ll also hear about how you can help “Finish the Vision” of the Cancer Redemption Project.

Check out the details on the event page here. 

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5 Things Adoptive Parents Should Know

Adoption Today shared an article from Christina Romo who was adopted from South Korea when she was two. Today, she’s a wife and mom with some valuable insights for adoptive parents. Here’s just 5 important points she wrote for adoptive parents:

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Published March 28, 2014 – Categories: Adoption, Caring for Orphans, Family, LSM

Walk in Her Shoes

This video started making its way into my news feeds this week, and I am struck by a simple reality… we forget to walk in someone else’s shoes too often. We see responses of anger, and we want to make it stop. We see reactions of fear and we want to make it all better right now. But I invite you to walk in this little girl’s shoes for a while – shoes that represent so many broken stories of children around the world. 

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Make a Difference

“People who really want to make a difference in the world usually do it in one way or another. And I’ve noticed something about people who make a difference in the world: they hold the unshakable conviction that individuals are extremely important, that every life matters.

They get excited over one smile. They are walking to feed one stomach, educate one mind, and treat one wound. They aren’t determined to revolutionize the world all at once; they’re satisfied with small changes. Over time, though, the small changes add up. Sometimes they even transform cities, and nations, and yes, the world.” – Beth Clark

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Uniting to Care for the Vulnerable

We’re pretty excited for  CAFO’s Orphan Summit on May 1-2. If you’re in the Mid-west, this is the time to come! This year, we’re meeting in Chicago for a moving event with one goal: to inspire and equip Christians to care for orphans with wisdom-guided love. 

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Business & Developmental Growth in Haiti

Do you ever wonder what happens in a week in Haiti? Our US and Haitian staff are hard at work creating sustainability for our Home of Hope families. This means there’s a lot going on!

Here’s just a few of the projects currently in the works:

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Published February 28, 2014 – Categories: Business, Caring for Orphans, Haiti, LSM

It's a Busy Weekend!

This weekend, we hope you’re around for one of several events we’re at! We’d really appreciate prayers for the many different directions our staff and several volunteers are heading. Pray for good conversations, connections with LSM and  that we would accurately and powerfully share the heart of  LSM.

Here’s where we’ll be at:

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Published February 19, 2014 – Categories: Business, Caring for Orphans, LSM

What Can You Do?

Lira* is a beautiful little girl in Ethiopia, and the perfect example of the vulnerability that orphaned children are faced with. Her father died months ago, her mom is dying of AIDS. She’s already the sole provider for her baby brother. She has no one left to protect her – no one to provide for her and her baby brother. What options does she have? 

Because she lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, her resources and opportunities are minimal. As a 10 year old girl, she may try to find work as a house maid. But in reality, she will likely join the 140,000 women and young girls on the streets in prostitution – unless someone intervenes. 

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"Finish the Vision" of the Cancer Redemption Project

In June 2010, the lives of Zach and Jenny Bertsch were faced with a decision. But God used a tragedy in their lives in some incredible ways. (If you need a recap, read the short story here.) In June 2013, Zach went home to be with Jesus. But the Cancer Redemption project – his lasting legacy – has continued on.

The last two Homes of Hope are being built as we speak. This will provide forever families for 24 for vulnerable children. It will continue to be a powerful testimony of redemption in Jesus Christ. But we need your help.

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Published January 15, 2014 – Categories: Caring for Orphans, Family, Haiti, LSM, News

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