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Being a Voice on Orphan Sunday

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Silence in the wake of 153,000,000 children who are vulnerable and alone? King was wise in saying that when we fail to stand against these injustices, we lose. But sometimes, isn’t it just hard to know where to start?

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A Night of Thanks & Stories

Over the last few weeks, LSM staff was able to say thanks to a few small groups of you who have meant a lot to the ministry. We’ll continue doing that with a few more events this year… These have been special nights, full of stories, vision and a good dose of awe at the power of God working in some very dark places.

We would love to sit down with every single one of you who have invested in LSM over the years and share these stories. But because of time and space, that’s not possible with everyone. So instead, grab a cup of cider and let me share some of these stories with you.

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Pray With Us

We’ve got some big events coming up, and we’d love your prayers! With each event and step we take to deepen our programs around the world, we are confident in the reality that it is preceded with your prayers.

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What's been Changing at LSM?

What’s this? Something’s different around here! We’ve updated a lot, and we’re so excited to share what’s been happening at LSM over the last year.

Why the change?

We grew a lot in the first 10 years of ministry. In 2002, when we opened our doors, we provided free adoption resources (which we still do). But then we started growing in leaps and bounds and now we’re caring for vulnerable children on multiple continents with deep, solid programs. Because of that, we knew we needed to step back and ask “Where are we going, and why are we going there?”

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Guest Blog today by Kelly McAvoy:

It finally hit me today. We all–you, me, generations before us, and generations after–have been looking at the statistics all wrong. We see “163,000,000 orphans” and think it’s impossible to move that number. We see “AIDS death every 14 seconds” and wonder why God would let such a horrible thing happen. We see “800,000 children in U.S. foster care” and wish we weren’t so helpless to the cause. We see all these numbers and more, when we should see the only number that matters:


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Love is Changing Stories

We sat across from each other on benches under a tarp to hide us from the blaring sun, these families and a few of us staff. Worship music drifted our way from the church, and a few kids skipped by every so often. It was VBS, and in the heat of the day, we were happy to sit in the shade. I reveled in the families that God’s brought together through so many people’s giving and hard work and passion.

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The Color of your Skin & T4A

She asked my son an honest question, and he gave her a surprising answer: ”Noah, why is your mommy white?”

Noah’s answer was immediate and matter-of-fact. He simply replied (actually, not so simply), “That’s not a question that Martin Luther King, Jr. would ask. It’s the content of your character that matters, not the color of your skin.” Wow… (source: T4A blog post by Dan Cruver)

That’s a pretty powerful response, and I’m sure one that would make every multi-ethnic family glow with pride… this child gets it. He knows he’s loved and a part of a family – accepted for who he is. Skin color has nothing to do with it.

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Vulnerable Kids & Orphan Sunday

Caring about orphans is a way to define your faith… It is the heart of God that we care for widows and orphans in their distress. Caring for orphans is a reflection of what God has done for you and me. We were vulnerable and helpless, and orphans are vulnerable and helpless.” – Rick and Kay Warren, God’s Heart for the Orphan

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Strength, Prosperity & A Reality to Come

Yesterday, Americans celebrated Labor Day, a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It’s a celebration of the many people who have worked for the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country (source: United States Dept of Labor).

As I think about that, I think of the plights of the countries that we work in, and long for the day when Labor Day celebrations are something they can claim for themselves and their countries as well. Today, reality looks much different than that for many vulnerable children though.

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VBS & our Haitian Staff

Our 5th annual VBS in Haiti runs all next week (August 19-23)! Two of our staff from the States are going down and three LSM missionaries are on the ground that will be there. We’re all present as background support.

With a total of about 300 people present at VBS, how does Camp run with that little American influence? Quite simply, it’s just not an American event. And we think that’s the best thing possible!

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