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It will be our love…

“It will be our love, not our opinions, which will be our great contribution to the world.” – Bob Goff


For all of the programs and educational opportunities we create for the vulnerable children we serve, there is no greater piece to our ministry than love.

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What Smiles Are All About

Stop for a moment with me and smile – for the joy in this picture…


Ted* (far right) is totally preoccupied and won’t look at the camera. He’s two, which is so typical.

Ben* (middle) is squirmy and so full of life you feel like you’re constantly watching for the next thing he’ll try.

The other three are all kinds of spice and sweet – full of giggles and life and the ability to let it all out and dance.


These are beautiful, fun-loving, NORMAL kids.

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What Would Adoption or Foster Care Look like for my Family?

What does it look like when you open up your life to a vulnerable child? How might that change your family’s dynamics? What are some ethics and potential issues that you should consider before hand? We compiled some great articles this week covering everything from racial issues in adoption to how to care for your foster care workers. Would love to hear what connects with you or other great articles like this you’ve found or written. Share with us in the comments!


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Prisoners of Hope

I’ve been thinking about our Home of Hope parents in Haiti who have brought 12 girls or boys into their lives. Their joy is evident, though I know it’s not easy. And it makes me wonder… on those dark nights when one of their children is crying in fear because of past pain, what keeps them going? When the kids aren’t obeying and they’re running in five directions, what gives them strength?


Katie Davis, who is an adoptive mother and advocate in Uganda, writes a beautiful answer that I think our parents understand and live out well. She writes of a discouraging time with one of her daughters when the pain from the past was threatening to overwhelm. It was there that God provided a beautiful picture of WHY we serve the orphan, of why we persevere, of why we give grace and live with hope.

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Perspectives in Adoption

November is National Adoption Month. As we consider the many facets and ways people can be involved in adoption, we wanted to share some different perspectives of the adoption journey and life experience.

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A Glimpse at our Staff in Haiti

We couldn’t say enough good things about the staff we have in Haiti. From our office staff, construction teams and Ranch workers to the counseling and pastoral roles others take on to care for all the needs of our families – there are big, incredibly challenging roles to fill. God has certainly blessed us with passionate, Godly people whose hearts are tuned to the work at hand.

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Getting Ready for a Big Week in Haiti

Next week is our 6th annual VBS in Haiti running from August 13-18!  

Our annual week of VBS is full of laughter, love and poignant moments of growth. It’s a chance for all 16 Home of Hope families to come together with our Haitian staff – much like a big family reunion – and talk about the incredible things God’s doing in our lives. We cry, laugh and remember that we’re not alone in this journey… this specific journey of caring for formerly extremely vulnerable children. And as we look forward with great anticipation to this week, we want invite you to walk it with us!

We’ll be updating the blog and facebook throughout VBS and we’d love to have you follow what we’re up to. We’ll share some stories of the kids, some fun VBS moments and talk about what’s going on under the surface. It’s our prayer that this week will not only be an incredible blessing for our Home of Hope families, but for you as well!

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Gospel Sing Coming to Central IL!

If you love Southern Gospel, Bluegrass and great food you’re in for a treat! Join us August 23 for a Western Western Gospel Sing in Central IL.

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When a Child Stands in Front of You

Wes Stafford, in his book Just a Minute, says profoundly, “I have become convinced that if God stands a child before you, for even just a minute, it is a divine appointment.”


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Dads Part 2

We talked about the importance of fathers in our lives earlier this week here. And as we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, we want to send a big shout out to some amazing dads who are raising their kids to love Jesus.

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