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When a Child Stands in Front of You

Wes Stafford, in his book Just a Minute, says profoundly, “I have become convinced that if God stands a child before you, for even just a minute, it is a divine appointment.”


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Dads Part 2

We talked about the importance of fathers in our lives earlier this week here. And as we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, we want to send a big shout out to some amazing dads who are raising their kids to love Jesus.

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Dads Part 1

This week, as we look forward to Father’s Day this weekend, we want to celebrate and talk about one of the most important relationships we have in life – dads.

We believe that fathers are a foundational part of helping children become all they can be. It’s a core value that we hold as an organization, and we work hard to create and sustain families with a mom and dad present when at all possible because we know the sense of worth and example that dads bring to the family. It’s not hard to see the value and impact that a dad has in a child’s life. But what about the kids who don’t have that?

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Walk in Her Shoes

This video started making its way into my news feeds this week, and I am struck by a simple reality… we forget to walk in someone else’s shoes too often. We see responses of anger, and we want to make it stop. We see reactions of fear and we want to make it all better right now. But I invite you to walk in this little girl’s shoes for a while – shoes that represent so many broken stories of children around the world. 

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Uniting to Care for the Vulnerable

We’re pretty excited for  CAFO’s Orphan Summit on May 1-2. If you’re in the Mid-west, this is the time to come! This year, we’re meeting in Chicago for a moving event with one goal: to inspire and equip Christians to care for orphans with wisdom-guided love. 

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I love this little guy. His smile and tender personality just light up the room. I love his family, and all 11 of his little brothers. They giggle and tease and are the best of friends. And I love everything that this little guy represents – because his smile is a part of a big story.

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Adoption: Worth Fighting For

Jen Hatmaker just wrote a beautiful blog post about her adoption journey. With her wit and humor and raw honesty, she paints a clear picture… and less you get scared half way through reading it and vow never to adopt, check out what she says at the end:

“Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting through, and adoption is one of them. I can hardly think of something closer to God’s character, who is the “Father to the fatherless, defender of widows — this is God, whose dwelling is holy.” Certainly, we are his difficult children who spaz out and pull away and manipulate and struggle. We distrust His good love and sabotage our blessings, imagining our shame disqualifies us or that God couldn’t possibly be faithful to such orphans.

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School is Starting in Haiti!

Things have been gearing up for the new school year (which runs from October – July) in Haiti for the last couple of weeks! Last week, some generous gifts of school kits arrived in Les Cayes. All of our Home of Hope dads came to the office there to help unload them. This was a pretty cool day for our families and so exciting (just like school shopping here is a fun, exciting thing for kids!)

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Love is Changing Stories

We sat across from each other on benches under a tarp to hide us from the blaring sun, these families and a few of us staff. Worship music drifted our way from the church, and a few kids skipped by every so often. It was VBS, and in the heat of the day, we were happy to sit in the shade. I reveled in the families that God’s brought together through so many people’s giving and hard work and passion.

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The Color of your Skin & T4A

She asked my son an honest question, and he gave her a surprising answer: ”Noah, why is your mommy white?”

Noah’s answer was immediate and matter-of-fact. He simply replied (actually, not so simply), “That’s not a question that Martin Luther King, Jr. would ask. It’s the content of your character that matters, not the color of your skin.” Wow… (source: T4A blog post by Dan Cruver)

That’s a pretty powerful response, and I’m sure one that would make every multi-ethnic family glow with pride… this child gets it. He knows he’s loved and a part of a family – accepted for who he is. Skin color has nothing to do with it.

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