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Strength, Prosperity & A Reality to Come

Yesterday, Americans celebrated Labor Day, a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It’s a celebration of the many people who have worked for the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country (source: United States Dept of Labor).

As I think about that, I think of the plights of the countries that we work in, and long for the day when Labor Day celebrations are something they can claim for themselves and their countries as well. Today, reality looks much different than that for many vulnerable children though.

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Hello world!

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Bethany* is the biological daughter of one of our Home of Hope couples. She’s got some pretty cool parents (who you can read more about here) and 12 older sisters who love her to pieces. When I think about the unique place she has in her Home of Hope family, I’m encouraged as I think about the example she’ll see in her mom and dad. I think about the things they’ll instill in her as she grows. And when I think of that, I’m excited, because generational change is happening right now.

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New Life. New Stories. New Chapters.

We’re grateful for everyone who prayed for LSM in Haiti last week through VBS. It was a powerful week, and many of you walked with us on the journey each day of Bible stories, contests, games and lots of laughs. But as I sit here thinking through all of the moments from the week in Haiti, I don’t think of the education or the interviews or the giggles, powerful though they all were. I think about this picture of Polly*.

Less than a year ago, Polly stood here with her uncle who was caring for her in front of his hut. Falling apart, dirty, barely providing relief from the elements, the hut was no place to be raising an orphaned little girl. He knew it. And he wanted more for her. But on his own, there was no way he could do anything.

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VBS – Day 5: The Final Day!

What an incredible week we’ve had! As the families packed up their things this morning, I think everyone was really excited by the special time we’ve had together.

There were some great ceremonies with special trophies for the family who won the Bible contest.

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VBS – Day 4

What a packed day filled with wonderful memories!

Today, many pastors from the Home of Hope churches came to Camp to share with us. Each of our Homes of Hope is connected with a local church close by. These pastors give wisdom, counsel and spiritual guidance to the families and are an intricate part of our work. We’re so thankful for them and for the time they share with LSM’s families.

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VBS – Day 3

Laughter is good medicine for the soul and we’ve got plenty of it floating around a little mountaintop in Southern Haiti… Here’s a few of the things that will make you smile.

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VBS – Day 2

Today was a full day. We’ve been spending the day interviewing and getting pictures of each of our 16 Home of Hope families. There are so many wonderful things they’re sharing about how God is alive and working in their families. It is safe to say that God is mightily at work in each of these families. These children are well loved, and they know it.

Interviewing the families is a critical piece of work for the LSM staff.

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VBS – Day 1

Excitement filled the air as the first bus pulled into the church and school compound in Pico, Haiti, up in the mountains. Within a couple hours distance of our Home of Hope families, it looks like it’ll be a great spot for VBS this year! There’s lots of space, a church, school, classrooms where the families can sleep and a large pastor’s house with a backyard area perfect for the women’s kitchen (they often have outdoor kitchens here.)

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VBS & our Haitian Staff

Our 5th annual VBS in Haiti runs all next week (August 19-23)! Two of our staff from the States are going down and three LSM missionaries are on the ground that will be there. We’re all present as background support.

With a total of about 300 people present at VBS, how does Camp run with that little American influence? Quite simply, it’s just not an American event. And we think that’s the best thing possible!

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