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Uniting to Care for the Vulnerable

Published March 5, 2014 – Categories: Adoption, Caring for Orphans, Family, LSM, News

We’re pretty excited for  CAFO’s Orphan Summit on May 1-2. If you’re in the Mid-west, this is the time to come! This year, we’re meeting in Chicago for a moving event with one goal: to inspire and equip Christians to care for orphans with wisdom-guided love. 


Business & Developmental Growth in Haiti

Published February 28, 2014 – Categories: Business, Caring for Orphans, Haiti, LSM

Do you ever wonder what happens in a week in Haiti? Our US and Haitian staff are hard at work creating sustainability for our Home of Hope families. This means there’s a lot going on!

Here’s just a few of the projects currently in the works:


A Testimony & A Great Hope

Published February 25, 2014 – Categories: Adoption, Caring for Orphans, Family, LSM

Life is a funny thing. You don’t control where you were born or who you were born to. In fact, there’s very little you do control in the early years of your life (or probably in adult life for that matter.) Which is why I can say with great confidence, that there is a BIG GOD who loves us as individuals deeply.

I know that because I don’t believe Stephanie Fast’s story would be possible without that reality. 


It's a Busy Weekend!

Published February 19, 2014 – Categories: Business, Caring for Orphans, LSM

This weekend, we hope you’re around for one of several events we’re at! We’d really appreciate prayers for the many different directions our staff and several volunteers are heading. Pray for good conversations, connections with LSM and  that we would accurately and powerfully share the heart of  LSM.

Here’s where we’ll be at:


This Valentine's Day

Published February 14, 2014 – Categories: Caring for Orphans, Combating Exploitation, LSM

We’re all too familiar with the candy hearts and teddy bears of this commercialized Western holiday. This year, I’d challenge you to do something different and make an effort to show God’s love to vulnerable children and their mothers.

There’s 140,000 women and children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, trapped in a desperate cycle of poverty that leads them to the streets. These young moms don’t know real love, and many of them have never heard about the love of Jesus – the love that can ultimately set them free. Their children are growing up in this loveless environment too. Unless someone intervenes.



Published February 11, 2014 – Categories: Adoption, Caring for Orphans, LSM, News

“You’d be surprised by the jewels that are locked in the foster care/orphan care systems, without a family, without an outlet to grow…” 

That simple statement made me pause. Jewels. Children who are just waiting to be discovered, empowered, helped… so they can reach their God-given potential. Jewels that need someone to discover them – to clean their rough edges and give them a space to shine.

Just think about that… there are children out there today who could be so much more, but instead, they are trapped in political systems, just waiting on someone to notice their potential.


What Vulnerable Looks Like: Haiti

Published February 4, 2014 – Categories: Caring for Orphans, Family, Haiti, LSM

This week, we have a team in Haiti learning a lot about poverty and what it means to be vulnerable. These things – they’re just hard to understand without seeing faces, meeting people, hearing their circumstances. And so in an effort to bring this home, let’s take a visual walk with them as they see it first hand:


What Can You Do?

Published January 28, 2014 – Categories: Caring for Orphans, LSM

Lira* is a beautiful little girl in Ethiopia, and the perfect example of the vulnerability that orphaned children are faced with. Her father died months ago, her mom is dying of AIDS. She’s already the sole provider for her baby brother. She has no one left to protect her – no one to provide for her and her baby brother. What options does she have? 

Because she lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, her resources and opportunities are minimal. As a 10 year old girl, she may try to find work as a house maid. But in reality, she will likely join the 140,000 women and young girls on the streets in prostitution – unless someone intervenes. 


Hope, Finally

Published January 21, 2014 – Categories: Combating Exploitation, Ethiopia, LSM

Her real name is not really Mercy, but I think it fits the end of her story well.


Mercy was born in the most ancient countryside called Gondar. Eventually, after running away from a forced marriage at age 15, she ended up in Addis Ababa. She was supposed to work as a house maid for a man and his two children while the wife was away for work. But instead of having a good job like she’d been promised, she was regularly raped and soon became pregnant. As soon as the man found out, he made her leave – with no payment and nowhere to go. Alone and 5 months pregnant, she felt pretty hopeless.


You Won't Want to Miss This

Published January 17, 2014 – Categories: Adoption, Caring for Orphans, Family, LSM, News

We’ve got a lot of things planned for the Spring and would love to see you at some events. Not only will it provide opportunities to care for the vulnerable, each conference and event is also sure to be a great encouragement to you!


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