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Sunday Worship & A Thriving Family

This Home of Hope family is pretty special. They’re full of life, love each other deeply and enjoy singing together. They’re pretty good too!

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Kay's Life is Changed & You Can Be a Part of It

As of this morning, we only need $253/ month yet to “Finish the Vision.” Would you stand with us to provide forever families for 24 vulnerable children in Haiti?

Become an ONGOING PARTNER here.

Becoming a sponsor means that you’re providing a lifelong difference for children just like Kay*. She is a daughter in one of the Cancer Redemption Project Homes that’s been open for about a year. Before she was able to come into the Abba family, Kay lived in pretty desperate circumstances. Kay’s father was a drunk who was abusive. She was beaten a lot and was severely malnourished. All she’d known in life was pain, fear and hunger. At 10 years old, she’d never been to school.

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Finishing a Grand Vision

We’re so close to reaching a monumental goal and we’re looking for YOU to help us “Finish the Vision.” We are so excited for the progress – and look forward to seeing God come through in some incredible ways as we gain the final sponsorship for the last two Homes of Hope at the Cancer Redemption Project.

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Becoming Home

“This matchless beauty, this unspeakable pain – all woven together – this is at the root of God’s love for the orphan. It is his invitation to each of us as well.” – Jedd Medefind, from Becoming Home

If you haven’t picked it up yet, Becoming Home is a quick read you won’t want to miss. Jedd Medefind (President of CAFO) wrote it with Barna Group as part of a short series called FRAMES.  FRAMES was created so you can read less and know more on some of the biggest ideas challenging our viewpoints today. And for those who are interested in adoption, foster care and global orphan care – Becoming Home  just might change the way you think about why you do what you do, and encourage your journey!

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Poverty, Orphans & Some Positive News

Do you think it’s possible to end poverty in the next 25 years? Do you think you can make a personal impact in that possibility?

Barna Group just released an article that’s well worth the time to read. Check it out here: “Global Poverty is on the Decline, But Almost No One Believes It – Barna Group”

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CAFO Summit 2014

Last week, several of our staff and some advocates headed to Chicago for Christian Alliance for Orphan’s 10th Annual Orphan Summit. Nearly 3,000 attendees spanning 26 nations gathered to stand together for vulnerable children. Think about the impact a gathering like that can have!

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Growth at the Ranch

If you’ve heard about our Ranch in Fondfrede, Haiti, you’ll know that there’s some incredible, innovative things happening there. What you might not know at a glance though, is the research and development efforts going into it. Or what it means for an entire generation of children in Haiti. Or what a difference its making in the surrounding communities today.

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At This Very Moment

How has your week been? This morning as I glanced through the news headlines I just had to stop and think about life outside of my little sphere.

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Dads Leading the Charge

Throughout the Bible, God continually shows His love for the most vulnerable children – the fatherless. Think about that… there’s a profound theological and practical connection between men and the fatherless. What kind of radical implications should that have in the lives of Christian men and the way we care for the orphan? 

We see countless examples in our culture today of absent dads. There are very real and staggering statistics that drive home the effects this has in the lives of our youth. But when Christian men stand together to care for the fatherless, we see solid examples for vulnerable children filling the role every child needs most.

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What Can A Garage Sale Do?

Does your garage look like mine right now? If so, then a good Spring cleaning is definitely in order. But what if that Spring cleaning and subsequent garage sale to get rid of the extra stuff lying around had a greater purpose? What if it could impact the lives of orphaned and at-risk kids around the world? Well this year, it can!

This Spring, we’d love for you to join us by hosting your own Garage Sale! By deciding to host an LSM Garage Sale, you can effectively help us care for vulnerable children and raise awareness about LSM in your community. And we’re making it really easy for you to pull it off…

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Published April 8, 2014 – Categories: Caring for Orphans, Family, News

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