Our Vision

We have been called to care for the orphan. Orphans are not orphans because they lack food, clean water, or clothes. They are orphans because they lack a family. Our prayer and mission is to place these orphaned children in a loving family. We want to raise them to be godly leaders in their communities - and child by child, bring about effective change for the glory of God.
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Carl Henry

Carl Henry's father disappeared several years ago, leaving his mother to care for six children alone. Not long after that, she died. All six children were left as orphans. Carl Henry went to live with his aunt, where he became a restavek (or child slave). He was treated horribly and worked very hard, living in desperation.

But God knew what was happening in Carl Henry's life. A pastor in Haiti temporarily took Carl Henry in. Today, Carl Henry is in a loving Home of Hope family in Chantal. He is going to school. He is finding healing from the past, and hope for the future.


Samantha's mother died three years ago. Her paralyzed father couldn't take care of her. She was to live with an aunt, but her aunt already had eight children of her own, and was caring for four others on top of that. Even with her aunt's sewing business, there was barely enough to keep all the children fed, let alone pay for schooling.

Samantha was able to come to one of LSM's Homes of Hope at Boval, where she is thriving with her sisters and the loving care of her parents. She's getting all her physical needs met and going to school, and dreaming of a future that looked bleak before. We praise God for the hope given to this little girl.


Fresnel's mother died when he was very young. His father farmed what little land he owned, but they were very poor. Fresnel remembers eating one small meal a day. Although his father loved him deeply, he knew he couldn't provide any kind of a future for his child. He brought him to the Home of Hope at Kpoux with the hopes of giving his son a chance.

Because of his father's sacrifice, today Fresnel is part of a loving family, has a full belly, and and even fuller heart. His future is bright and he's excelling in school and able to go to church. Fresnel understands, in a greater way than many, what sacrificial love really is.


His parents both died of AIDS, leaving Wangel and his siblings orphaned. They too had contracted HIV from their parents. They had no one to care for them, and while some wanted to help, most were afraid of contracting the virus themselves and wouldn't come near the children. Their hut was dirty, leaked during rainstorms and provided little protection for them. They rarely had much food, and because of their weakened immune systems and lack of care, the siblings were often sick.

Wangel was able to come into one of LSM's Home of Hope for HIV children where today, it's a much different story. He's getting anti-retroviral medications and all his basic needs met. On top of that, he's receiving a lot of love by his parents and siblings. Today, you'd never know the pain this little boy's endured. His warm smile and affectionate personality show a love that wells in Wangel's heart that nothing has destroyed.


Yvlene's parents both died tragically in two separate accidents six years ago. They left behind eight orphaned children. Yvlene's aunt took them into her straw hut where they struggled to survive. Slowly, each of the children was given away to other families who promised to care for them. Reality was that these children were becoming restaveks (child slaves). It was only a matter of time before the same would happen to Yvlene.

Although her aunt cared as best she could for Yvlene and her remaining siblings, she couldn't afford to send them to school, and her future looked more and more bleak. Yvlene's story changes though. She was brought instead into a Home of Hope family where she is once again a part of a loving, vibrant family. She's learning about Jesus, going to school, and regaining hope.


Daniel's father had been an evangelist but died when he was very young. His mother had been bedridden for years, and was slowly fading away. She couldn't care for her son, and there was no other family to care for Daniel.

Tsion and Eshetu (the Home of Hope parents in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) found Daniel alone and very weak. They were able to bring him to their family where he's now cared for with great love. Here, Daniel has plenty to eat, a family to surround him with love and provide him with the hope of a future.



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"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me."